When I Grow UP...

Saturday, May 23, 2009

*cue the music* I wanna be famous, wanna be a star.  When I grow up, wanna be in movies, drives fast cars.... well, you know the rest.  

I want to be famous.  There I said it.  Only now that I said it, I realize its not quite accurate.  I want to have the perks of being famous with out the hassles that come with it.  I mean, who really doesn't want to have someone fix their hair and make up every day, pick out fab clothes, and shuttle them around from place to place?  I know I do!  

Movies fascinate me.  How they're made, what goes on behind the set, how the actors and the directors interact.... it is all so interesting!  And so completely foreign to me!  I think that I would love to have a busy jam-packed schedule, filled with doing things I love... like talking, meeting new people and smiling.  :-)

I would love to not have to worry about money.  I would love to be able to spend weeks away from real life doing mission work, and when back stateside, devoting my time to ministries I am passionate about.  I would love to provide for family and treat friends and family to fabulous vacations and just spend months at a time "taking time off."  

But, that's not real life.  Just a dream.  :-)  With all that said, though I do love my life right now.  (For the most part.)  We still have to be conscious of money (who doesn't these days?) but we have all we need.  And the most important thing we have is each other... My husband has been gone the past few days and I miss him so much!  He was only gone for 4 days, but it seemed like forever!!  So, even though our lives aren't Hollywood Fast, I'll take it.  :-)  

Coming soon... pics of our newly painted dining table!  Sean took the camera camping with him, that's why I haven't put any up yet!  On to being productive!

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  1. I second all of that...it would be so nice.


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