I Just Love that Mackson Jackson.

Friday, June 26, 2009

The very first album I ever remember listening to (and yes, I mean album, as in old school records) was Michael Jackson's Bad album. The very first music video I ever saw was Thriller on MTV, and I was more than a little freaked out. (Coincidentally, my mom told me that MTV stood for "Monster Television" and because of that video, I totally believed her and was scared of it!) My first superstar "crush" was also definitely Michael Jackson. My mom and I were walking in a store when I was about 8 years old. There was a Michael Jackson T-Shirt, and I went over to it and said: "(Sigh) I just love that Mackson Jackson."

Love him or hate him, the King of Pop has left a forever impression on the entire world. There's scarcely a soul in the developed world who has not seen or heard of MJ and has some kind of memory associated with his music, his dancing, his art. I am so very sad that he has died today. There are certain moments in history that have happened in my life that I will always remember... the death of princess Di, the OKC bombing, the beginning of the Iraq War, the capture/trial/execution of Saddam Hussein, 9/11, and the death of Michael Jackson. No doubt there will be more moments in history such as this, and each one deserves its proper reflection.

If you take just 5 minutes to watch MJ as an entertainer, a dancer, an artist and musician, you cannot help but be in awe of his talent. Regardless of how you feel about him personally, you can't deny his brilliance on the stage. His songs are on the soundtrack our lives, and his styles, moves and sounds will be with us forever.

I've already seen titles on Facebook such as "The King of Pop Meets the King of Kings" and "You can't take it with you-- just ask Michael Jackson." Really people? I mean, really? Maybe I need new facebook friends, but that kind of bothers me. (Not enough to lose sleep, but again.... really?)

MJ was a tortured soul on this earth. I don't know if he knew Jesus, but I sure hope he did. People are so quick to judge, so hurried to make assumptions, and we forget that everyone we talk about on TV, in movies, in magazines are real people too. They have lives that are impacted by the opinions of others. I really think that we need to re-examine the way that we, as consumers, as humans, as Christians, buy into the media hype. One other example? Jon & Kate. Need I say more? **OK, sorry, getting off my soap box... that probaby didn't make much sense ayways!**

I could watch his videos for hours, just watching his feet. Uh. May. Zing!

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3 Lovely Words

  1. You made perfect sense, and I completely agree. I think people feel like they are entitled to say whatever they want about celebrities simply because they are in the public eye. We don't know what goes on in their hearts or in their homes (when the cameras aren't rolling, in some cases). Who are we to judge anyway?

  2. Wow I couldn't agree with you my friend. I tried to say something like this but you put it in such a great way. I texed a particular along with others to let them know about MJ'S death and she said: "ah well that's life! Yep hope he's in heaven" I liked the heaven part guess she was agreeing with my text since I mentioned that it would be neat to find out he was saved but her "ah well that's life" just seemed so cold, co heartless, unsympathetic and yes she's so call strong Christian. I don't want to play the judging game...don't want to fall for that trap but I am tired of Christians who just don't seem to care about the rest of the world and like you said are so quick to judge. Who has given them permission to do so? Odviously not God. I also got comments on facebook that got me upset such as "oh boy..who's jokes are we going to use now?" following someone's comment to that, "don't worry we can still joke about him..they'll be others jokes" WOW...zero respect for the loss of a son, a brother, a daddy, a friend, a nephew, a grandson...yes he is a real human, he has a family whom regardless od his past bad choices or whatever...was still human and still had a heart. How cruel to make such comments about the deceased:( No sympathy...just cold, careless, numded hearts:( Sad part is....some of these are Christians...whatever happened to "love your neighbor as yourself?" if doesn't say.."love your neightbor as yourself if he/she lives a good life" besides we have a past too and a present and possibly a future of sin. The only difference is we have been redeemed. I do hope to find MJ is heaven...that would be sweet! Not so much because I admired him and loved his music but because God would have the victory over satan!

    Like you...his music always brought me good memories of my childhood...I would end up in tears reliving those long gone times that till today make my heart smile. Every time they accused him of something new I kept saying but yes he's still a great artist. He bent forwards and backwards to protect his kids doesn't that deserve a lil bit of admiration? Humans...they always focus on the negative lol. I think there's alot of praying to be done...for those who's hearts are cold and detatch from the real purpose why we're here....to reach out to the lost and bring them to the foot of the cross.

    R.I.P. Michael Jackson..you will be missed:(

  3. Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post "No teme" in your blog with the link to you?


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