Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Its difficult to let go of a dream and realize that nothing in life is really under much of my own control. It is difficult to have to switch my visions of the future, how I thought my life would play out, all in one day.


It is exciting to let go of my own, small picture dreams and realize that God has a BIG PICTURE reality in store. Its exciting to switch my sights from what I want, to solely setting my sights on what God wants for us.


Stay tuned. I don't know what God is doing, but he's doing something, that's for sure! :-) And in the mean time, you can pray for us as we make some big life decisions. (No, we're not pulling a Jon & Kate... we're happily married and madly in love still-- nothing like that! In fact.... 5 year anniversary this Friday!!!!!!!!)

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2 Lovely Words

  1. ooo so cryptic! i am interested now :) know that we will be praying for you whatever comes your way, whatever God has in store for you guys...

  2. This is exactly what the Lord has been teaching me. My sis-in-law had the birth of her 6th baby, Isabella Grace all mapped out, who would be in the labor, which midwife would deliver her, when she'd be back home from the hospital...so she thought. Everything happened completely the oppiste..the baby was born in the an ambulance next to paramedics, none of the family members were able to see her being born, so total stranger delivered her baby and she's still in the hospital because she inhaled the meconium so she's been intubated and on antibiotics. I think the Lord is speaking to all of us....we are not in control of our live. We cannot go around making plans for our future, leaving God out of the picture and expect to suceed.

    This is ministering to me as we wait to see what our near future will be like. We stil don't know when or where we're headed with my hubby's job BUT God knows and this brings me comfort because as long as we seek Him...He will lead us to to the right path. So we patiently wait....


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