What is a Non-Essential?

Monday, June 29, 2009

Sean and I are doing a sort of fast this week. We are calling it a "non-essential spending fast." Basically, we're not going to buy anything that is a "non-essential" item. It sounds like a great idea, but as of Day One, we are already learning its not as easy as it sounds. Example: I cooked/baked all morning (special cookies for hubby) and then touched up our painting around the house, then we cleaned a bit and I did some laundry while Sean did the kitchen. Whew, it was a lot... and right before we started cleaning, Sean said "Hey, want me to go get us a Starbucks? Oh wait... I guess I can't, huh?" Nothing sounded better in the midst of our productive but not exactly relaxing day than a Venti Iced Green Tea with 3 pumps peppermint and 2 pumps classic. MMmmmmm. At only $1.80 each, that drink would hardly break the bank. HOWEVER, it is most definitely a "non-essential."

Day one has also brought the question of "What is a non-essential item?" Or better yet, what is an "essential" item? Food? Yes. Clothing? No. I won't have to go naked if I don't buy some clothes in this next week. Deodorant? Yes. (If I run out.) New eyeshadow? Probably not. ( I definitley have plenty of that!) So, as you can see, its kind of tricky.

We've been working on some projects in our back yard, and we had to think about whether or not buying potting soil is an essential or not. (We decided it is, other wise the money and efforts we've put into it this past week would be wasted.) But, I am looking forward to the challenge this week... but I also realize it means no Friday Chick-Fil-A breakfast, something I look forward to every week! (Its the little things, I know!) So I'll keep you posted on how it goes! :-)

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