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Friday, June 12, 2009

First off, let me apologize for being such a horrible blogger as of late. I've fallen in love with my google reader, and therefore make no effort to come to my blogger homepage. Ever. But I plan on trying to change that this summer. :-) Not like summers mean anything in the adult world, because its the same 'ol, same 'ol. But you get the idea.

Secondly, let me apologize for the profound ugliness of this blog. I just haven't had time to make it look better! I realize its not easy on the eyes, kind of annoying and well, just ugly. I"ll work on it!

We've been painting the inside of our house... the main living area and entryway. We ahve 15 foot ceilings and guess who got to do all the up-high, extension ladder painting? Your's truly. It got easier as the days went on, but I still have a few really high up places I need to go back and touch up that I am NOT looking forward to! But I think it will look really nice when its all done.

That's all for now... I'm getting my hair cut tonight! Yay! I Can't decide how short I want to go though.... every time I cut it really short, I hate it for a while, so I'm thinking not too short. Its actually pretty long right now and I like it that way. We'll see how it turns out!

No, I'm not sleeping on the job... just trying to get those pesky corners....

This is how I painted the top of the entryway! You don't even want to know how dusty it was up on those ledges.

More up high painting!

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  1. You are very brave. I would make someone else go up there. I'm very anti-ladder.

    I like that color, btw!


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