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Thursday, January 15, 2009

So, I came across this on ysmarko's blog (from Youth Specialties).  (**So we're not exactly youth people anymore... we're missions people... but who says missions can't be youth or vice-versa!?)  ***By the way, you should totally bookmark his blog... has tons of great links and interesting stuff all the time.*** OK~ enough side tracks... back to the point....

He posted about this series of posts from ypulse (which is another site to bookmark if you work with teens, have teens, or even are a teen.... or are just interested in sociological-type stuff, like I am) about "the last 5 things" pertaining to media uses in various teen and young adult age groups.  They talk about the last 5 things in these categories:

Being the lover of all things marketing that I am, this is a very interesting series to me!  They have it broken down by age group, which is even more interesting.   I thought these would be fun to answer for myself... so here goes:

The Last 5 Things I Did On Facebook:
1. Look at my friend's pics of her adorable baby girl
2. Change my status from: "Sheyenne is checking out a weekend in vegas for valentine's with my hubby- yippeee!" to "Sheyenne is pleased to have MLK day off Monday! Yay for more hubby time!"
3. Upload 4 pics of Duke that I took in Photobooth.  (See below)
4. Talk to a friend on the Facebook IM feature
5. Accept my friend Staci's Friend Request

The Last 5 Things I Watched Online:
1. An absolutely amazing video about adoption on YouTube. 
2. Beyonce's "If I Were A Boy" Music Video (LOVE this!)
3. Britney's "Womanizer" video (um, HOT! Yes, I still love Britney Spears)
That's it for videos online....

The Last 5 Things I Googled:
1. Wild Sorbet backdrops
2. How To Make A Cornice Board
3. Fresno Ethiopia Adoptions
4. Sew Curtains
5. Jeremiah 1:5

The Last 5 Things I Bought Online:
1. Our Fabulous weekend in vegas coming up!!  (Venetian!)
2. Our new King Size Bed 
3. Various things from World Vision (ducks, bikes, chickens, fishing gear, etc)
4. Books, I'm sure
5. Sean bought me a dress from (love this site)

Soooo, got some time to kill?  Post your "Last 5 Things".  Its a strange thing to me, this whole "getting older" part of life... but comparing my "Last 5 Things" to the ones on the YPULSE website shows me how old I am getting!!!  But I think I am really ok with that.... :-)

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