Little Man Shower: Photo Booth Fun!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The final part of our Little Man Mustache Bash was the "photo booth."  It wasn't really a booth at all... just a length of fabric hung in a door frame.  But it was so much fun!  {almost} Everyone got in on the action, even both grandmas (scroll down for those fantastic photos!).  This part was pretty easy to set up.  I created this sign:

I had friends bring some fun silly hats, then had a bunch of stick props (eye glasses, lips, mustaches, etc) and set up this little table:

The littles got in on the action... such sweet girls!

In the end, we came out with some great shots!  It was so much fun! I made the big blue frame out of foam board & then spray painted it.  Such a great alternative to lugging around a huge, heavy frame!

I used Big Huge Labs to make these fantastic photo strips of some of the photos, too!  

I am planning to repurpose the table cloth fabric and backdrop as some pillows and throws for our guest beds in our playroom loft.  
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