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Monday, December 10, 2012

I've come across a couple of really neat things online this week that I wanted to share/document here so that you can check them out, but also so I don't forget them myself!  So here are some great links to check out if you have a few extra minutes in your day.

This is a blog that a new member at our church writes.  He is a sports writer by trade, and he's been documenting his journey to Christ on this blog.  It all began with a request from his 6-year old daugther to "learn more about God" and has led to the greatest decision of his life-- for both himself and his family.  There are just a handful of posts, so it shouldn't take too long to read through them.  His writing is excellent, raw, honest and stirring.  His sentiments on "organized religion" and a hesitancy to share the Gospel concisely echo the fears of many non-believers.  What makes Eric different is that he had the strength and guts to power through the discomfort in search of the Truth.  Add this one to your reader, as his journey is just beginning!  They're an amazing family & we're so excited to get to know them better!

An organization committed to helping boys who are trafficked for sex slavery.  Very few resources exist for helping young boys who are victims of this modern-day slavery atrocity.  They are currently raising funds to start the first year of their healing house.  Just $50,000 will staff the first house (in another country) with two counselors, houseparents, a teacher and a guard.  They want to raise that $50,000 in just 50 days- a task that is easily do-able through the giving of God's people!  I personally know many of the men involved in this organization and can honestly say that I have never seen another organization with such quality of Godly men.  You can rest assured that your donations will be handled honorably and will be used to its fullest potential.  Take a minute to check out their webiste... behind every box is a story and the story must change.  Pray about how you can be a part of changing their stories.    

Hand Drawn Map of New York by Jenni Sparks
I love art of all kinds, and this hand drawn map of NYC is no exception.  A truly beautiful labor of time-intesive love!

A fun look at the accuracies & inaccuracies of our modern-day telling of the Nativity.  

This is currently my FAVORITE fun Christmas song.  How have I lived in Indy over a year and just discovered this Acapella group?  LOVE them... listen to this song all the way through, or look them up on Spotify.  LOVE LOVE LOVE.  

I started Advent with Ann's A Holy Experience, but quickly realized that was far too much for Gia at this age.  So this one is must shorter but still just as potent with the Gospel.  This is a PDF print out that you can do with your family, too!

I Love Infographics....
I'm obsessed with infographics at the moment.  They're so fun!  So here are a few that I found that are just cool....
Millennials (Very interesting comparison of generations with emphasis on Millennials)
Fitness Inforgraphics (5 amazing infog's on fun facts and stuff)
Unwatned Credit/Debit Card Charges (Check your statements, people!)

And my favorite find of this week is a new iPad app called Zite.  Its like a personalized magazine/newspaper reader... you put what you're interested in and it selects articles for you!  I like it because there are a lot of articles I would have never have found otherwise!

Happy Monday, y'all!!!

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