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Sunday, December 30, 2012

The end of the holidays can only mean one thing...that the Most Wonderful Time of the Year is about to be upon us.  That is, of course, Award show season.  The wonderful time of the year, when nominations are announced for best picture, best actor, best actress, etc... and the whole world is a flutter with predictions and last minute cram sessions at the theater to see of this year's potential winners.  (At least that's what I did before I had kids.  Now I catch them on Netflix or Redbox months after the Oscars... but whatever, right?)  Fashion houses fling themselves at the feet of every hot acotress- new or seasoned- in the hopes of having that one "it" dress that Joan Rivers can't stop raving about. As this year wraps up and a new one is about to begin, I'm taking a few moments to reflect on my personal faves from 2012.  A "Best Of" awards list from 2012, if you will.  Here are some of my faves (at least the ones I can remember)... what are your's?

The Best of 2012

Best Movie... Hunger Games.  (This is either a testament to how FEW movies I saw in theatre this year (hint: the only other one I saw on the big screen in 2012 we "What to Expect When You're Expecting."  If you've seen that one, you know why Hunger Games wins in this category), or proof that a really good book to movie adaptation is entirely possible.  Its probably a lot of both those factors.  Oscar worthy? Probably not.  But definitely good enough to make it tops in my book.)

Best Book (fiction)... House of Velvet and Glass by Katherine Howe.  I'd been anticapating this book ever since I read her first book a few years ago (Physick Book of Deliverance Dane).  A mystical/historical fiction book with nods to the Titanic, this was an engulfing read that didn't disappoint!

Best Book (non-fiction)... Clapton, by Eric Clapton.  I read several musicians' autobiographies this year (including Steven Tyler's "Does the Noise in my Head Bother You?") and Clapton's was by far the best retelling of his life's story.  Honest about his life in a way that made me feel like I knew him, I was fascinated with his creativity, ability to play despite crippling addictions, and his seeking journey for meaning.  Tidbits about the behind-the-scenes of several classic songs (like how he wrote the Beatles' hit, "Here Comes The Sun" with George, out in his field in England) were intriguing and it was nice to see an artist who had truly found peace and purpose in his life, despite the years of darkness.

Best Song... Hallelujah, What A Savior by Phillip P. Bliss  This is actually an old hymn, written in 1875 that has been recently revived in many Reformed churches around the country.  Powerful, classic, true.  A close second favorite song is "Jesus Come" by Evan Wickham.  I can't much handle current pop music these days... too "poppy" and overtly sexual.  Pretty sure this means I'm old.

Best Netflix/Amazon Prime... Downton Abbey.  Season 1 was on Netflix, and I found Season 2 free to live stream on Amazon Prime.  Can't wait for it to start up again in January!!!

Best TV Show... Without a doubt, Homeland.  I will defend that as the best show on television right now to anyone who says otherwise.  Claire Danes is simply stunning, and the writing is edgy, fascinating and ever-twisting.

Best Blog Post... The stats say that my most-read blog post of 2012 was one I wrote for the Ministry Wives round up at Kelly's Korner.  (It got 747 views)  That was followed by my King Tut Headdress Tutorial (with 221 views) and the Halloween Costume blog with 200 views.

Best Recipe... Soba Soup with Spinach.  AMAZING.  Followed closely by the strawberry cupcakes I made for Gia's first birthday party.

Best Meal Out... Maybe its because this is fresh on my mind, but after my brother's graduation, we ate at an amazing Tapas bar in Chicago called Ba-Ba-Reeba.  We all ordered two tapas, everyone's selection different, and ate continuosly for two hours.  It was amazing.

Best Sanity Saver/ Best Moment of My Week... Girls' Night!  We started this almost a year ago, in Febrauary, and ever since, Tuesday nights are our sacred Girls' Nights with my girlfriends.  It is good for our hearts, minds, stomachs and souls.  I love my girls.

Best Idea/Gizmo/Tool... THIS "Mom Hook" grocery bag carrier.  Makes bringing in the groceries so much easier.

Best App... Do I even need to say it?  Instagram.  Love capturing the pictures on this.  I also love its easy upload to Flickr, so I can make the Instaglance collages that I do.

Best Website... I've been loving Pinterest off and on this year.  Came in really handy when looking for party ideas for Gia's first birthday and Heather's Little Man Shower.

Best Fashion Piece... I am loving the boots & jeans look for winter right now!!!

Best Historical Moment... This was a big year for many different reasons, but one of them was the 2012 election.  While I wasn't thrilled with the outcome, I proudly voted and continue to believe in this country in which we live.  This was also the Centennial year for the Titanic tragedy.  I'm a history buff that fell in love with the Titanic in the 90's (no small thanks to Leo DiCap) and enjoyed the many historical references in everything from my favorite book (see above) to my favorite Netflix find (see above).

Best Holiday... Without a doubt, it was Christmas in Chicago with my family.  So many wonderful memories and such a great time.

Best Gift... the HUGE dining table that Sean & a friend are making me for Christmas!  I can't wait to get it, and have all our friends over for a meal!

Best Memory... Christmas in Chicago with my family.

Best Photo... This is too hard to pick, but I really love these two:

Judging by the 85 "likes" and 20 comments on Facebook, I think that one is a definite favorite!!!

Best Accomplishment... Breastfeeding exclusively to 14 months. Looking back, I still cannot believe that Gia & I made it so long- especially because she never took a bottle!!! So grateful that I was able to do that!

Best Crafty Project... I had a great time figuring out how to make pajama pants, and really enjoyed making them for my nieces and Sean, Gia & I for Christmas!

So there are some of my BEST OF'S for 2012.... what are some of yours???

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