November InstaGlance

Monday, December 03, 2012

This was a crazy month!  It feels like it went by in a flash, but in reality, we did a lot of stuff in November!  Gia is becoming more and more of a little lady... she loves trying on my shoes & jewelry.  It is the cutest thing.  She's even wearing headbands again- voluntarily!  I bought a bunch of fabric to make pj pants for our family for Christmas and pulled out all my winter clothes!  Yay for a "new" wardrobe!  We went to a fabulous reception at the Indianapolis Country Club for our friend, Jen who was inducted into the Rose-Hulman Athletic Hall of Fame.  She still to this day holds a ridiculous amount of records for the state.  We voted.  Gia will vote for the first time in 2032- that's crazy. Sean & I got away for an amazing weekend at an Acts 29 bootcamp in St. Louis.  Lots of QuikTrip was consumed.  We had Friendsgiving with the best group of friends ever.  We had our first snow of the season, and gathered with family (and jello shots) for Thanksgiving.  We had to leave our family in Cincinnati a day early after Thanksgiving because poor little G was sick.  It turned out to be a good thing, because we had to take Gia in to the ER the day after Thanksgiving.  She wound up staying overnight because she was so dehydrated.  It was torturous for all of us-- she had to get catheterized and stuck for blood draws and an IV... it was awful.  Thankfully, Aunt Kiki (Caitlin) came to bring the smiles.  I got sick while at the hospital, too (as in literally, I puked ALL OVER the bathroom floor) but recovered a few days later.  By the end of the month, Gia was on the upswing again, and I was down for the count with a double ear infection.  We pulled out some of our Christmas decor, too. All in all, it was a whirlwind of a month, but a good one!
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