InstaGlance: February 2013

Thursday, March 07, 2013

February has been a busy month!  It always happens that way with such a short month.  But to wrap it up, Gia & I had a blast at our middle school Nerf wars.  It was a little weird to see my toddler wielding a gun- albeit a Nerf- and I'm not quite sure how I feel about that.  But she enjoyed it and had a great time.  We gained a new little man in our family- my nephew Keegan.  Gia is pretty crazy bout him, too.  Every night when I ask her who she wants to pray for, Keegan is the first person she names.  We celebrated Whitney's 3rd birthday this month.  Hard to believe its been 3 years since we last held our first baby girl.  Looking forward all the more to Heaven's reunion.  We geared up for award show season and enjoyed more than our fair share of red carpet watchings on E!  Celebrated Valentine's Day with handmade love letters in our mailboxes, then Sean & I had steaks and asparagus after putting Gia to bed.  We had our small group over for an impromptu dinner (thanks Heather!) the night before I got to watch the birth of Baby Cam.  Let me tell you... there is nothing more amazing than watching firsthand the birth of a new life.  One of the best experiences of my life.  And my friend Mallory did it all without drugs.  I hope to blog more about this soon.  (I was her birth photographer, so lots of pictures to still edit, too!)  Baby Cam was in the NICU for a while so we spent a good week loving on Cam & his parents.  Sean was awesome to pitch in and help with Gia so I could be up at the hospital for them.  I experienced (and hope my friends did, too) community/village life at its finest this month.  Had a fantastic time planning and partying at the Oscars with my friends.  And now its March!  Hoping this month brings lots of sunshine, warm weather and trips to the park!
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