Under the Sea Holy Bible

Monday, March 14, 2016

Under the Sea Holy Bible is a gift Bible intended for children ages 6-10. The hardback cover features the popular underwater theme with sparkling fish and underwater sea creatures. This front cover is an eye-catcher, as it has a blue and silver foil background highlighted by beautifully illustrated and glittered fish!

This Bible is the New International Readers Version (NIrV), which is a version derived from the NIV. It brings the reading level down a few notches so that it is more easily understood by younger/simpler readers, making it a great version for the intended age range of this Bible. This Bible features 3 double-sided, full-color topical pages aimed directly towards children. They highlight prayer, 10 Commandments, Love passages for kids, Famous children of the Bible and the ABCs of becoming a Christian. They are beautiful pages, simply written in a manner that is appealing to kids. However, that is where the suitability of a “children’s Bible” ends. Nothing else about this Bible is particularly kid-friendly and in that I was greatly disappointed. The text is extremely small and the pages are terribly thin. Aside from a brief (very brief- 2 pages) dictionary and a listing of 92 popular Bible Stories, there is nothing else to make this a “children’s Bible."

While the cover is flashy and attractive and there are a couple of cute pages, I don’t think this would make a very good Bible for kids to learn how to study the Word. I can see there being difficulty in even just finding scripture references due to the thin pages and hard to read type. I wish I could rate this Bible higher, but I just really can’t. There is a lot to be desired here, unfortunately. To read more about this Bible you can go here: Under the Sea Holy Bible

Thanks to BookLook bloggers for giving me the opportunity to honestly review this book!

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