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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I was reading some blogs tonite on the so-called "Saddleback Showdown" forum between Obama & McCain. I loved the format, was impressed with Rick Warren's questions (we need more preachers like him) and his ability to weave scripture into the conversation.

One blog commentor said that watching Obama was, to him, both sad and scary. I thought that was a fairly accurate description of my feelings about the man. He skirted the major questions, such as "What is your greatest moral failure?" I appreciated McCain's honesty when, in answer to that question, he talked about the dissolution of his first marriage. At least he was real. I appreciated McCain's quick answer to the question "At what point does life begin?" He shot back immediately with "At the moment of conception." Now, whether or not you and I agree with him on this, at least he is a man who has sought a personal answer to one of the greatest moral questions of all times. And for Obama to say that "Speculating on the beginnings of life is way above my pay grade" is just assanine, ignorant, and personally weak. Has he truly never wrestled with this issue? Has the matter really never even crossed his mind enough to formulate an opinion for himself? For someone who could potentially be changing a lot of laws and regulations concerning the matter of abortion and the beginnings of life, I would hope that the man making those decision would have at least postulated in his own mind some kind of solid basis for that decision. But to simply say "that's above my paygrade" is idiotic. Even the bum on the street can tell you when he thinks life begins.

Now, on the contrary, I did like what Obama said about the fact that we need to work to lessen the number of abortions in this country. I agree with him there. Of course, I wholeheartedly disagree with his methods of doing so, but oh, well.

I'm just not getting all starry-eyed about this so-called 'golden boy' who is touted to be the "saviour of our sinking nation." First of all, if you really think America is that bad off, perhaps its time for an overseas experience. And secondly, this whole election campaign has shown how easily people can be swayed by a snazzy slogan and spiffy, "wearable" logo. (C'mon.. how many of you have an Obama'08 shirt? Ok, how many of you want one?) There's much more at stake here than a cool looking bumper sticker or a fashionable political expression. Now, do I think that McCain is the answer? Of course not! All I'm saying is, its time to take the rose colored glasses off, and start looking at issues that matter and proposed solutions each candidate offers.

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2 Lovely Words

  1. I initially jumped on the Obama bandwagon, but I am really torn about who to vote for at this point. I agree with each candidate on different issues. I don't think Obama has enough experience or a terribly solid platform. However, I also can't get behind McCain for several reasons (a very big one being his stance on Iraq and how long our troops need to be there. That just comes along with being a soldier's wife).

    One thing I keep trying to remember is Romans 13 where Paul talks about God establishing governing authorities. Regardless of who wins, God will be at work. The candidate chosen in November will not be able to stop the plans of God.

  2. good thoughts. Its hard being so far away from America during such a crucial election period. Its interesting the coverage in Great Britain as opposed to what I can only imagine in the US. Good though in the sense that none of the add on flair and pointlessness of campagin messages are present. Just facts about the candidates and their policies. While I do miss the chessy commericals and constant news anchor chatter, its good to just get facts and weed through the things that really matter. Bad though because I think I am being tainted in my view of MY countries candidates but what would be best for the UK. at the end of the day, its what is best for America, not the rest of the world! oh, crazy politics. i am still torn over who to vote for...

    ever think that the candidates get worse and worse each election time?


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