Yay for friends in Europe!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Or one friend in particular, I should say! A friend I went to high school with, Kristina now lives in London (cool!)... I commented on how I loved her scarf she was wearing in a picture, and she sent me one out of the blue! Yay for fun random things like that! I love it, Kristina! Thank-you! In fact, yesterday I was trying to think of what I was going to wear to a non-profit banquet we had to go to that night... and I thought to myself how I wished I had a scarf to wear, because my friend Shiny always wears cute scarfs too. And while its not really cold, it would be nice to have while indoors. So I was thinking this while I was on my way home, and when I got home, I opened the scarf!! So I wore it last night and it was fabulous! :-) Made my day. :-)

Not a lot has been going on, but we've been so busy. It seems like we have something to do literally every night of the week and it drives me crazy. I would rather just stay home. But, that's not really an option most of the time. Last night we went to a fundraising banquet for the Fresno Rescue Mission downtown at the Radisson. It was nice... but really long. :-) I came home and went straight to bed at 9. Tonight we have our small group and I'm hoping to be home by 8, but doubt that will happen... so I'm realistically aiming for 9, once again. Tomorrow I have to go back to the allergist to get more needles poked in my back. Fun. I'm just ready to know ALL that I'm allergic to and start getting the shots that will hopefully make my life a little bit better. Then on Friday, I am going to the eye doctor... I think I've scratched my eye somehow and its really bad, so yay for that. :-/

I was reading this week the book that I mentioned a bit ago, Jesus for President. In it, the author talked about the year of the Sabbath and the Year of Jubilee and I began thinking about this concept... every seven years, the Israelites were commanded to take a break for an entire year from most means of living... mainly agricultural. Anything that grew was free to be picked by anyone, and when the Sabbatical year ended, all debts were considered nullified and forgiven. Every 49th/50th year was the BIG deal... the year of Jubilee....Slaves were set free, working came to a halt, debts were once again erased and the gap between the "haves" and the "have-nots" was narrowed. What a concept! Of course, this would never happen in modern life on a world-wide basis, but the concept is still observed by many Jews today. I was talking to my co-worker about this concept and she told me of a friend who worked for some bio-chemical company. Every year, he was paid 6/7th of his salary... so 1/7th was held back, and his 7th year, he got paid a full salary, but did not work at all. So basically, he got a full year long paid vacation. MAN! I want to work for that company! With the space between the rich and poor in our nation and our world growing at an astonishing pace (and the impending distaster that Obama as president could bring to further this doom) I think that the Sabbath year and Year of Jubilee is a very interesting idea....

Anyways... here's a few pics for good measure :-)
I decorated our guest room this weekend....

I still need a good chair for the vanity....
I love this little vignette.... I am looking for more bird things... I am in LOVE with all things bird.... :-)

This is last night before the banquet. (Note my scarf!!)

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  1. oh! how great is this?! I made a comment about you on my blog and then came to read yours and you had mentioned me too! fate! :) Lovely picture of the scarf as


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