2012: Palin for President ?

Thursday, September 04, 2008

As I was packing for Las Vegas tonight, I turned on the TV to give me some background noise. With all that I've been doing lately, I completley forgot that it was the RNC tonite. Sarah Palin was just winding up her speech when I turned on, and I caught the last 10 or 15 minutes of it. Can I just say WOW? I stood in front of the tiny 13-inch TV we have in our bedroom completely still, listening to her every word. I have to admit, I got pretty choked up just watching the whole thing. Which ever way this election goes, it will be one like never before... either the first woman will be the VP or the first black man will be president. (Just thought I'd recap all that incase you've been living under a rock.) As she was speaking, and the crowd was going nuts for her, I thought about the road women have traveled on to get to this point. I'm not some femi-nazi, though I believe in equal rights and all that jazz, but I was truly moved at her obvious passion and unwavering convictions that she spoke about. Her speech intrigued me, and I look forward to learning more about this self-proclaimed hockey mom from Alaska who had me laughing and crying at the same time tonight. OF course, that's not the marks of a good VP... or president for that matter. And whether it was her wit or the wit of her writers that came through, she carried herself with incredible grace. I'm looking forward to hearing more...

I'm off to spend a weekend with the best friends a girl could wish for! And man do I need to just get away for a while!!

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  1. Hey! I agree... she seems to have a great head on her shoulders. I'm still learning about her, but what I do know, I love so far!

    Atlanta... is different. It's great and it's a lot of fun, but I miss my old job. I worked 40 hours a week and got paid well for it. Now, I get paid about the same, but I only work 10 hrs a week. I'm going to check out some stuff for freelance writers online, and the family I nanny for has decided that they love me and want to commit to a certain number of hours per week. So that's great, but it all takes time!

    Josh is doing really well with his music... in other words, we're going to be able to eat and still live in this apartment! lol--- actually, things are cheaper down here. Isn't that crazy? It's cheaper than where we moved from! We're actually living in Apharetta, which is 10 miles north of Atlanta.

    Coolest part? We're going to Northpoint Community Church, which is Andy Stanley's church. It's awesome!

  2. oops-- let me elaborate-- I get paid the same PER HOUR, but I'm only working 1/4 of the time. :( If I were making the same total amount I would be shouting for joy! lol

    Our kitty is just fine now. She is the princess of the house-- and she knows it!


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