Monday, February 09, 2009

I have a great husband.  I love him so much!  Right now, he's off with the Junior High at Hume Lake.  I have to do my civic duty once again, tomorrow, so I couldn't go with them (I guess Monday is a school holiday?  Who knew....).  But I really miss him when he's not here.  Sean has been doing the Love Dare the past few weeks.... I know I'm not supposed to know he's doing it, but I bought the book, then he picked it up before me. SO go figure.... but can I just say it has been amazing for our relationship?  I am going to do it for him when he is done with it.... but I can tell such a big difference in our marriage.  Our 5 year anniversary is this summer, and I can honestly say that I fall more in love with Sean with each passing day.  This coming weekend, we are off to Las Vegas for a romantic weekend getaway at the Venetian.  Buffets and slot machines, midnight strolls and 3 a.m. pancakes are in our very near future.  :-)  I am a lucky lady.

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3 Lovely Words

  1. wow...sounds like you guys have a great weekend coming up!! i am jealous! and 5 years wow! i had no idea it had been that long! congrats to you.

  2. awww... you guys are too cute! Have fun!

  3. That is so cool you are doing the Love Dare!
    I hope to do it soon also! May God grow you both to Himself and to each other!


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