Hubby's Home!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Yay!  My husband is home!!  He had an awesome time in Asia... and even brought back some fabulous things for me!!  :-)  Seal had to check it out, of course.  The beads over the purse are a gorgeous necklace from Japan, then of course the beautiful purse (LOVE), and two coasters, a hot pad and two wooden place mats!  I had been out shopping for some wooden placemats EXACTLY like this just the day before!!!  Does he know me or WHAT?

It is so nice to have my husband home again!  I haven't wanted to let him out of my sight hardly at all!!  I even went to the gym with him tonight... that's how much I missed him!  So now let's see if I can keep that up.....(the gym part, not the part about enjoying spending time with him!  I know I'll keep that up!)

On another note... to you Mac users... how do you organize your photos on your computer?  I think it is so confusing... it seems like my pictures are stored in a million different places, and none of them have any sense or order.  Its so frustrating!!

Back to work tomorrow... though I am finally caught up after 6 weeks on jury duty.  AND I had a mega long list to do on Friday but did almost ALL of the things on the list!  I love crossing things off of lists!!  Speaking of the trial... its been a week and a half and I still think about it every day.... and pray.  Still trying to let it go.  :-)

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