I'm Loving It!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I am in LOVE with WhiteHouse/Black Market's new Spring line that just came out.... this dress is to DIE for.... now if I only had somewhere to wear it.....  Every thing in this store is fabulous fabulous fabulous!   I love it!

Other things I am loving right now?  The cool weather we had today and yesterday... but its gonna heat up again tomorrow.  Oh, well.  At least we got one more reprise before the heat sets in.  

I am also super excited because I have several design assignments that I am working on in my 'free time.'  I love doing that and am so happy to have something to do that allows a creative outlet!

I'm loving reading the histories of some countries.... a few I've been reading lately:

Oh, and I am really loving my husband these days.  He's the involvement pastor at our church and organized an awesome event this past weekend... it was an "adopt-a-mission" bus trip, where a bunch of people from our church (60!!!!!!) went all over town visiting and learning about the local missions we support and how they (and their small groups) can get involved.  It was so much fun and I"m really excited about adopting one of the missions with our small group.  (More on that later!)  So thanks to everyone who came out and made it a success!  We hope you learned a lot and got excited about what God is doing in Fresno!

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6 Lovely Words

  1. White House/Black Market is awesome! Not that I've ever bought anything there...I could never afford it. I do like looking at it though!

  2. i LOVE white house/black market!! my rehersal dinner dress was from there....and like 7 other of my summer dresses. living in the uk though i never get to wear them!!

    and yes, rhys speaks welsh too. so all the more reason that i need to learn it or rhys and eli can talk without me! i have been thinking about rosetta stone. have you ever used it before? its so expensive, i want to talk to someone who has used it to see if they thought it was effective.

  3. I love WH/BM too. That sounds like an awesome outreach trip!

  4. Wow...I totally loveee that dress! You're right though..it needs to be worn at a special place. I haven't been to this store...looks like I'm gonna have to take a trip. I am not ready for the heat either my friend. I am trying to soak up as much "cool" weather as possible. Ahhhhh if only we had the beach in our backyard.... Oh I meant to tell ya that I loveee scrapbooking!!!! It's therapy for me too! Hopefully we can make it on the next bus tour we would like to adopt a mission!

  5. If I had a ton of money, no guilt, and a day to do nothing... I would go to White House Black Market and go absolutely insane. Sigh. I have been a long-term fan, but can almost never afford it... except when I need a little black dress and they are having a major sale. :)

    Kyle's coming into town tomorrow and staying for a WEEEEEEEEEK! Gosh I'm excited. Working all day Sunday, going to Durham on Monday (Duke), and then I'm not really sure. I lead a boring life!

  6. I've only ever tried on one thing at WHBM and it was a gorgeous BROWN dress. (Ironic, huh?) It was so beautiful and I wanted it soooo badly. But, it was almost $200 and I am waaaayyyy to cheap to spend that! But I still think about it often and think maybe one day I'll find it in a thrift store or on eBay or something...


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