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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Today alone, I've discovered two new fabulous blogs that I have er, could spend hours browsing. Here's the first one:

Photoshop Disasters

It includes some fantastically horrific photoshop horrors that magazines acutally published... some as their covers! Its fun to look at.

The other is a blog from a lady who's been photographing what she wears every work day of the year... and she's been doing it for 4 years! She uses heart-fluttering words like "thrifted," "vintage," "shortened" and my personal favorite, "BEDAZZLED." Not ONCE has she repeated her outfit. This chick could not get any more adorable and her outfits are a total source of inspiration for all my tired go-to wardrobe pieces!

So, go check those out, waste some time, and enjoy! (A nice cup of cranberry spice tea and a chocolate Zinger go nicely with them as well.) :-)

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