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Friday, October 23, 2009

One of the good things about being in a home more than a year is all the fun house projects! Remember this project from a while back:

Thanks to my handy dad and husband, this big gaping hole that would never hold our flat screen tv....

Turned into this pretty build-out and mantel! Afterall, what is a fireplace without a mantel? I have the fall decor up now... still need to change those pics on the side and get some bigger decorations for the mantel, add a chair in the corner to balance out the blank wall space, put the cover backon the light switch, (and I still have to actually paint the mantel... shhhh its just primer on there right now!) etc... but you get the picture.

So here's my newest thing... well, its actually a secondary project. First, and hopefully soon we are going to put in hardwood floors. THEN we can start my next project, which is sprucing up this area of our dining room:

PS- Its not empty anymore... these are from when we first moved in! But taht's our dining room above. Below are my inspiration pics for what I want to do. I want built ins on either side of the window with a seat underneath. BUT, I want cabinets on the lower part of the built in and shelves up top, kinda like this:

I really like the pull out desk in the picture above. My idea is similar to that... I want one side to be a full cabinet, and the other side to be a desk area. We're losing our office for a nursery (!) and need some place to keep papers and pay bills from. The storage underneat the seat will house our files and papers and stuff. And maybe even room for a pull-out shredder. That would look something more like this seat:

This next picture below is my absolute FAVORITE! I love it... the whole thing is just GORGEOUS!
Here's one more idea with more of a buffet look than a window seat. Our window is pretty low, so it really just makes sense to make it a seat. But I like the look of these cabinets on the lower part.
So what do you think? Do you have any projects that you are working on or, better yet, dreaming of??

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