Wordless Wednesday (More or less)

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Here is my 12 week 3 day baby bump shot. If I were a celebrity, the paparazzi might be catching on to my bump. That or they may just assume I ate too much at The Ivy.

This is my adorable niece. Sean and I got her a wooden play sushi set for her 2nd Birthday. Gotta get 'em cultured early right?! So here she is "eating" the sushi. She's pretty good with the chopsticks already!

Emmalia is also quite the talented sushi chef. :-) Megan (my sister) says she loves to "chop" the sushi.

Here is Emmalia on a camping trip. Isn't this the cutest! This is my new favorite photo of her!!

I cannot wait to go see my sister, niece and newest little niece the first week of November! My mommy will be back in the States, too! So I will get to see all my favorites ladies that weekend! I am soooooo looking forward to it. And of course, I LOVE me some Arizona Sunsets!

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