Oscars 2011

Saturday, February 26, 2011

"Its the most wonderful time.... of the year!"

Yes, friends, its that time of year again.... the Oscars are upon us! Years ago, my besties and I had the greatest Oscar party ever... complete with a red carpet pre-show and our own golden statues. Its been years since then, and I haven't had a single Oscar party since. But, I am hoping that next year maybe we can do one.

Party or no party, its still fun to print out your ballot and guess as to who will win the coveted golden man. Here is a link to a printable PDF 2011 Academy Awards Ballot. ((LINK))

If you are into throwing parties, here's a great party prep check list to get you started on all you'll need for a fabulous Oscary party. ((LINK))

And finally, if you are looking to host a black tie affair of your own, you simply MUST check out the Hostess with the Mostess' Oscar Party. Free printables too!!! ((LINK))

I'll leave you with a few pictures from that fabulous Aardvark-Gang Oscar party from years ago....
Emily holding her choco-Oscar and looking movie star fabulous!

Wade & Emi were our entertainment. :)

Tracy was the master mixologist.... "just a little bit of this...."

My hott date for the evening. :)

Love the Creeper Chad in the background!

Wade helped Tracy cook some amazing Best Picture-nom inspired foods!

Checking off their ballots!

Angelina. :)


Such good times with the best friend I could ever ask for!!

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