You Know Your Daddy's A Youth MInister When... Part 2

Sunday, September 18, 2011

You know your daddy's a youth minister when you spend your Saturday night glowing in black lights at Monster mini-golf! We had a middle school fun night last night and went to Monster golf followed by Orange Leaf for some yummy fro-yo. I thought Gia might freak out at the black light surroundings, but she loved it. She was very observant and chill the whole night. (Well, until the fro yo place, when it go to be past her bedtime. Then she screamed the whole way home.) But at one point when we were at the golf place, I took her up to a party room to feed her a little bit. The only blanket I brought with us that night was a plain white one from Aden & Anais. It glowed SO bright in the black light, and she laughed when I used it to cover her head while she was nursing! What a great trooper!

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2 Lovely Words

  1. How funny! Sounds like so much fun that you take her along on these adventures! I hope to do the same with our little one!

  2. Darling! I LOVE it! and I LOVE YOU!


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