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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Random thoughts today...

* I took Gia to the doctor to check her weight today... she's gained 6 ounces in two weeks. I don't konw if that is necessarily a lot, but at least she's not losing weight. Because, goodness, that child is eating all. the. time.

* There are no synonyms for "thoughts" that begin with "N." Believe me, I tried to find one. What can I say, I like alliterations.

* I love Fall. I started wearing my beautiful, colorful Egypt scarves again this week. I think that shall be my staple this season: long sleeved shirt, scarf, jeans, boots. Done. Maybe a cute blazer for when it gets really cold. Any tips for where to buy great boots?

* My husband is the greatest. He is such a natural with Gia, and I love it. He even puts her gDiapers on like a pro!

* Speaking of gDiapers, we're having a bit of a leaky issue with those. I need to call the company today to figure it out. I think it has to do with the fact taht we're still kinda in between sizes. Regardless of the issues, I still LOVE them.

* One of the favorite parts of my day is restuffing Gia's diapers after she goes to bed. Don't know why... it just is.

* I love Fall because of all the new shows on TV. So far, we've like Up All Night. We have several other new series on DVR to check out, too. Now we just need time to watch them. Do you have any you like?

* I watched the Republican debates last week. Very interesting. What say you?

* Another thing I love? Skype. I get to talk to my mom several times a week and it is awesome! Speaking of my mom... she's coming in just about 2 weeks!!! Yay!!!!

That's all for today... what random things are on your mind today?

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3 Lovely Words

  1. just a thought on the gDiapers, when we were in between sizes we used the medium pant with the small liner & inserts for a couple of weeks. Worked great!

  2. i watched up all night last night and LOVED it! so hilarious. laughed my head off.

  3. Mad men... guilty pleasure. Steve and I watched the show in it's entirety on netflicks... why does entirety not look like it's spelled correctly? It's a word, right?


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