17 Weeks!

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Gia was so incredibly cute this morning when we were taking her pictures! I"m going to have to post some of the outtakes because it was just so hard to choose one! Gia has been so fun this week. She has been sleeping 10-12 hours at a time at night in her own crib. WHOA! I'm working on a bedtime post, but for now, I am so thankful that what we are doing is working. I'm well aware, however, that it could all change tonight! So for the time being, I'm thankful to be getting some rest. I still have to wake up super early to pump some milk, but that's just an added bonus that I am able to store up some milk in our freezer. Now if we could only get her to take a bottle... We tried earlier this week and it just did not work. Sean and I have both had a cold so we've not really felt great all week. I'm hoping and praying we're over it soon and that Gia doesn't get it! C'mon bre@stmilk-- pass those antibodies, right?! Gia is getting so strong, too. She has rolling over on her right side down to perfection and is working on a very efficient army crawl. Isn't is too early for that!? Several times when I've gone to get her out of her crib in the morning, she has completely spun around and is facing the opposite direction of how I put her down!

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