48 Weeks

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I've finally found a way to get Gia to stay still for about 60 seconds at a time... it's singing this line from a silly song on the Baby TV channel... "Oh my, my, its shushy-bye..." over and over.  Its annoying and gets stuck in my head, as that's all I know of the song, but it gets her to hold still for a diaper change AND I even got a couple of workable photos this week!  Sean was gone this week with the youth group.  He took some kids to Baltimore, MD for a mission trip.  I was really dreading being alone all week but it turned out to be a pretty fun time.  I had to take Gia to the doctor on Monday because she seemed to be having some tummy troubles.  (Turns out she's fine.) On Tuesday, her friend Ella and my friend Heather came over to play.  Then we went shopping a couple days and of course, went to the park a lot.  Every afternoon, we went to the YMCA.  Gia did so great in the child watch area and I was able to work out and even take a shower every day!  The ladies at the child care area are so great, and they even said that Gia is always happy!!  How awesome! 
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