52 Weeks!

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

HURRAY!  52 Weeks old and this Photo A Week project is complete!  I had my doubts about being able to do this project, but now that it is complete I can't believe how fast this past year has flown by.  I am glad I was able to keep up with it!

This past week has been so crazy with all the things Gia has been doing.  Its like all of a sudden, she realized the people around her really were her friends.  She's been much more social.  On Saturday, we had her big birthday party (a week early so out of town family could be there).  I was totally nervous about how she would hold up for the whole thing, but that child amazed me.  She let me walk around and play hostess while she was perfectly content to play with the other kids across the room.  When the party was over, I was going to hurry up and get her home for a nap, but she was still happy.  So I was able to stay and clean up- she never got fussy!

She is getting so cute with her little baby dolls.  She got a new one for her birthday that she loves- a baby Cinderella doll.  Its amazing to me how maternal she already is.  My parents got her a doll stroller for her birthday, and she is so sweet.  She cuddles the babies and the puts them in the stroller.  Gia is even getting a bit more cuddly these days- something she has definitely not been much of before.

As for walking, Gia hasn't really taken many more steps.  Just a few here and there.  But she is definitely trying and getting closer!  She is still saying "momma" and "dad" a lot.  She's becoming such a daddy's girl.  She can also say "All Done" when she is finished eating.  It is SO cute when she does that!  She's even started saying "all done" whenever she is tired of something... getting out of her car seat, playing with a certain toy, etc.  This little girl has such a mind of her own already!  Gia loves to sing.  She has such a sweet, angelic voice!  She sings in the car all the time!

So what's next?  I am planning to take monthly pictures of little Miss G from here on out... until she's 18.  :)  How many pictures is that?  194?  Yes, that sounds good.  Well ok, I guess I will just take it one year at a time.  I have an idea for what I am going to do, but I need to find a few things for it.  I'll keep you posted.  ;)  Thanks so much for following along with us this past year.  Your kind comments and encouragements have helped keep me going!

Oh, and as for what I am going to do with all of the pictures and fabric, I will write another post about that soon too.  But you may have to bear with me a few weeks because we are in the middle of moving craziness! Now for some outtakes:

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