Espresso For Your Spirit: Book Review

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

With an 11-month old baby girl, I am pretty new to this whole parenthood thing.  Despite the best efforts of friends and family who have gone before me into the realm of motherhood, nothing could have prepared me for this new stage of life.  It is both wonderfully amazing and incredibly difficult.  The joys of motherhood far outweigh the difficult days, but there are still times when I am weary.  Espresso for Your Spirit, by Pam Vredevelt is a fantastic collection of short devotional thoughts and stories written to uplift the spirit of a tired parent, and bring humor into the heart of every mom or dad. 

As a therapist who is married to a pastor, Vredevelt shares beautiful stories from both her own life and the lives of others.  Some of these stories challenged me to be a better mother; others helped me to realize that I am not alone in my struggles.  But most of all, the short glimpses into the lives of others helped me to remember that God is the ultimate caretaker.  It is by Him and His strength alone that we are able to accomplish anything in this life. 

It can be easy to get bogged down with the day to day routines.  Sometimes, I take things too seriously.  I enjoyed the "power perk" of humor at the end of these chapters- stories and jokes that just made me chuckle.  This book was an excellent reminder that parenthood is both a calling and a blessing.  And while it requires sacrifice, that is not a bad thing.  Vredevelt wrote:

"When we become parents, part of us is lost.  But its not necessarily a bad loss. Parenting chips away at any orientation toward self.  It forces us to be more other-centered.  It necessitates laying down our lives.  It requires an emptying of who we are for the sake of those who follow."

The chapters in this book are a perfect length for busy parents who need a quick pick-me-up in the midst of a busy day.  The perks of humor and hope are sprinkled perfectly throughout these pages, much like a well-timed afternoon latte. 

(In the interest of full-disclosure, I received this e-book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.)

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