15 Months Update!

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Gia had her 15 month check-up today!  She is doing great!  She's now grown from the 7th percentile in weight up to the 25th percentile!  Her height and head circumference are also right on track.  Despite a week of fever and fussiness, she still only has 6 teeth to speak of.  Though I do think there may be another one on the bottom trying to pop through.  Dr. C was very happy with Gia's vocabulary... she now says a dozen or more words.  Her doctor said she would have been happy with just three words!  I'd been a little worried because Gia doesn't finish saying the end of words, (for instance, she days "dah" instead of "dog" and "BAH!" instead of "ball") but Dr. C said that was perfectly fine!  She said its totally normal and nothing to be worried about at all.  She's far ahead on her speech and comprehension.  The doctor was impressed when I told her how much Gia could understand when we asked her to do something.  For the most part, Gia is sleeping well through the night.  She wakes up in the middle of the night sometimes, but our doctor gave us some tips on how to deal with that.  Basically, don't get her out of bed and let her soothe herself back to sleep.  Gia is starting to bring me a book, then sit in my lap and let me read it to her.  This is one of my favorite things!  She has also started giving me spontaneous hugs- this is my absolute favorite!!  We are so blessed by this little beauty who makes me crack up with laughter every day.  Her precious personality it shining through and I love getting to know her more and more.

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