Thursday, March 07, 2013

There are days when I don't think I can take it any more... She's growing up so fast. She already knows all her basic colors. She says "I love you" spontaneously at dinner (though her dad had to translate that one for me). She feeds her baby dolls like the Duggar mom, and has strong opinions about cheese (loves it) and milk (hates it).  Our books from the library this week were about counting.  I realized we haven't really been working on numbers.  I'm amazed at how much she soaks up so quickly.  While playing with Dad after dinner last night, she counted to eight!  She's growing up so fast.

She picks up the funniest things from Sean and me... "Huuuh-neeeey!" is currently her favorite term of endearment.  Apparently, its mine too at the moment.  She shouts "I'm tuummmming" as she runs from the play loft to her bedroom when its time for jammies.  When I'm sitting on my bed, making menus for the week or our shopping list, she brings me her toys and says "Here go" as she flings them up to me.  The need for discipline has appeared seemingly overnight, and we're still working on understanding what it means to "obey" and "disobey."  But she knows what is right and what it wrong- that is certain. In fact, several times today, she put herself in time out before I had to tell her.  It made me feel guilty and question myself for a brief moment, and then I reminded myself that loving guidance is necessary.

She's growing up so fast these days.  When she runs by me in a flash of excitement, hurrying on to the next toy that strikes her fancy, I can hardly recognize her as my baby!  But in my heart, I know, she will always be my baby.  So I search with fervor for signs of that truth- that she will always be my baby.  Tonight as we were watching a movie before bed, she held my hand.  And though she is growing up and learning and becoming more "girl" than "baby" by the minute, tonight, the tiny dimples in her hand remind me that she will always be my baby.

Some day, in the not so distant future, I will look at her and realize that she is becoming more "woman" than "baby."  And I'm not sure what will convince me then that she will always be my baby.  But you better believe I will search for it.  And I will find it.  Because though I know its her job and my prayer that she will grow up to become a beautiful, God-serving woman some day, she will always. be. my. baby.

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