Joanna 2 Weeks

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Our tiny sweetheart is growing! We had a weight check at the doctor on Friday, and Joanna has surpassed her birthweight! When she left the hospital, she was 6 lbs 11 oz (down from her 7 lbs 4 oz birthweight). Just a week and a half old, she weighed in at 7 lbs 8 oz! They doctor and nurse were very impressed with her weight gain. Its good to know she's getting enough milk and that it seems to be doing good.  She is still sleeping pretty well... we generally get a 3 hour stretch at night, then its every two hours again after that. I don't know if its because sleep was so uncomfortable in the last trimester of my pregnancy, or because I know I can't just get in bed and sleep for hours on end, but my bed seems even more comfortable than I remember it being. A cruel joke, I say. Joanna experinced her first red carpet watching and awards show in the Golden Globes last night. I can't wait til she and Gia are old enough to stay up late with me and we can ooh-and-aaah over the gowns together! My mom is still here with us which is such a tremendous blessing. She is helping with Gia and cleaning, allowing me to rest, and its just so good to be together. We have her with us for one more week before she has to leave-- we will all be so sad to see her go! Gianna is still doing great in her new role as big sister. She's eager to help and usually asks to hold Joey a few times a day, though she doesn't like it when Joey stretches a hand toward her face and touches her. Silly girl! We're still going a bit stir crazy as its been super cold, but thankfully not in the negative degrees this week. Gia and I even go outside for a nice little walk this evening. Sean has a cold right now (hoping its nothing more than that) so he's in the guest room tonight, which means I am on my own with the babe tonight... I'm pretty nervous about it. She's been sleeping all day so we'll see what tonight holds for us. 

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