Oscar Party Recap: Instagram

Monday, March 04, 2013

I had a lot of fun sharing some sneak peeks of the Oscar party via Instagram.... so here's a look back at it all...

It all started when my friend Kaylan said she'd come if I had an Oscar party.
So Gia & I set out to Party City for a little Oscar Party recon/inspiration.

I hit the GOLD JACKPOT at Goodwill on their 1/2 Price Saturday, including this beauty!  I'd been dreaming of a gold ice bucket for the party & found it on my 5th or 6th pass through the homewares aisle. (They kept bringing out new stuff.)  I think this was $3 or less.  I got a TON of other serving platters, including all the glass, gold-rimmed plates that were on the dessert table.
I researched my Oscar picks instead of cleaning the kitchen one day.

I got this precious package from the UK.
(Oscar chocolate moulds)

I glittered a whole bunch of shiz.  These are wine tags for our drink glasses.  Don't think I got a detail shot of that on party day.  They were tied around the champagne flutes with golden star garland.  

Panicked that I didn't have a double oven.  It all got cooked, but took a while.  
My faves were the asparagus & mushrooms.  Yum.

Glittered clothes pins.  Pins I had on had, the glitter was from the Target dollar spot.
My new favorite thing ever.  Trying to incorporate them into my every day life.
They are currently being used in my St. Patty's day mantle decor. 

Oscar Men in frames.

Daddy & Gia rolling out the red carpet. 

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