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Friday, August 02, 2013

Woo Hoo! I'm actually caught up with something for the first time since Spring. Now if only the laundry, housework, organizing, etc would follow suit so nicely.

July was an odd month, in that we had record low temperatures. Sure, there was one hot week (4-H fair week, of course) but the rest of the month was absolutely divine. We even had the windows open and air conditioning off for a while.  The month started with a good rain, and while Sean and most of my friends were at CIY conference in Michigan, I ate grilled cheese with tomato soup almost every night. We spent another day at the Children's Museum (thank you Nana & Papa Sam for the membership!) and my baby belly officially popped! Full-on maternity pants now. I had my 32nd birthday, which was a wonderful celebration with Gia and Sean. Sean cooked my fave meal (salmon, asparagus & couscous) and made me a white on white cake, also my favorite. We had lots of fun outside as the weather was so gorgeous and Gia discovered a love for Sonic tator tots and Starbucks cake pops. In a shocking turn of events, Sean and I got ANOTHER night to ourselves! This time, we met up with friends at Yatz in Traders' Point, went to Trader Joe's and hit up a Live Trivia night. Then we came home to our own bed and slept like babies all night long. Its amazing what not having to listen to a monitor will do! Gia and I had a great day swimming for 5 hours with friends, and we've played Settlers of Catan late into the night every Sunday (no youth group!). We hit up some garage sales, swung in Uncle Kyle's hammock and played with cousin Keegan. Oh yeah, and we finally paid off the last of the hospital bills from Gia's birth. It may have taken two years, but we're one (FINAL) step closer to being debt free!
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