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Friday, August 02, 2013

June brought all the best of summer... plenty of sun, swim, friends and relaxing! Lunch Bunch started at our local park, so every Tuesday, Gia and I met a bunch of our friends for a free lunch plus books for the kids! Its a great program and Gia could not wait for Tuesdays! We played in more pools outside, Gia had her first taste of Taco Bell and we made a visit to the Childrens' museum. One girls' night, we went to a lady's house who kept bees, chickens and an organic garden. It was fascinating! We checked out a cool coffee shop downtown in Indy called the Foundry Provisions, and a few days later, some girlfriends and I hit up Mass Ave. for Yatz and Flying Cupcake!  Gia had a blast at the Splash Pad and got her inner Michael Jackson groove on, while hubby and I ended the month with our 9th anniversary celebration. A friend kept Gia overnight so Sean and I could stay in a swanky downtown hotel, see a Brad Pitt movie in 3D (World War Z) and the next morning, satisfied a serious craving for Eggs Benedict. We said good-bye to June with the most beautiful rainbow in the sky. 
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