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Friday, August 02, 2013

May brought our baby's 2nd birthday, and lots of family to visit. My brother came down from Chicago & mom was here from Egypt. The next weekend, Pop Pop & Gram came from Cincinnati while Aunt Emily surprised us from Florida. We went to the Children's Museum and I had my first OB appointment (and blood draw). I got to Skype with my daddy and Gia made good use of her new water table. We had the bonfire of all bonfires at the Ferg's place, and Gia devoured her first s'mores.  We attended a mass of graduation parties and Gia got to see a real, live piggie for the first time. She played in the pool with all of her buddies and really started to get into her baby dolls. I ended the month with Miss Corla's delicious blueberry muffins. Despite the tiredness and nausea, its been a great month!
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