Saturday, January 23, 2010

I am blessed to have the greatest best friend a girl could have. Words cannot adequately express the level to which my best friend, Tracy, means the world to me. I've written many times about my friends from "Aardvark." Aardvark is not a city (hehe), but a place where a handful of us once worked. We actually worked for Tracy and her husband, Jim, who owned the store. Well, we all grew up, and eventually Tracy & Jim moved on to new business ventures, but our friendship has remained and deepend through the years. Tracy and I are pretty much cut from the same cloth... two peas in a pod... what laffy is to taffy... sisters from another... um... mister? Anyways, you get the picture. :-) We're BFFs... we love almost all the same stuff..... Britney, karaoke, Dexter, award show season, 90210, rag mags, old timey photos, jello shots & drag shows and everything that is VEGAS. We hate a lot of the same stuff too... roller coasters, gross movies, camping and hotels without room service. The only things we don't agree on are Michael Jackson, Elton John, sushi and Steven Tyler. I'd say we're a pretty good fit.

We've weathered a lot of storms together and raised a lot of hell. We've taken fabulous trips (Dallas! Vegas! San Fran! Vegas!) and made some pretty awesome memories. But my favorite memory with my best friend will for always be the day that we both found out we were pregnant! I know that Tracy feels my sadness and pain almost as much as I do... after all, she is losing a 'niece', a best friend for her precious little girl, Isabella. Through all of our pain and trials at this time, Tracy is always there for me... even though she's 1500 miles away in Oklahoma. If she wasn't just as very pregnant as I am, I know she would be here on the next flight out. Her love, support, tears and joy mean the world to me. I am SO greatful for her. And over the years, as I watch her daughter grow, I will of course think of Whitney. I'll miss her and wish that she and Izzy could play together, celebrate birthdays together, and have slumber parties and sing karaoke just like T and me. But more than that, I will look at Izzy and remember the JOY that I had on the day we both found out we were pregnant. I will look at Izzy and be thankful for her life, her health and the love she gets from her mamma.

We still have a lot of great years ahead of us... who knows where the next 10 years will take us... Europe?! the Beach? a cruise?! Sorry if this got a little mushy, i just had to let it be known to the world how thankful I am for my BFF. Now if only I could find a way to move us back to Tulsa....

The top pic is us in Vegas working at the World Championship Fantasy Football draft. It was pretty cool. Other pics, clockwise from the top left, $8 steaks at 3 a.m. in Vegas, Fun on the riverwalk in tulsa, We love crabs, More crabshock with the boys. :-)

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  1. LOVE IT! it's so good to have best girl friends. i forget hw much i need them sometimes because my hubs is lso my bff and we spend A LOT of time together. it isn't until i get those moments with a good girlfriend that i realize how important they are. you have such a great perspective on friendship...and I can't wait to see all the futue adventures you get to have, too!


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