2009 In Pictures

Friday, January 01, 2010

I also did a "2008 in Pictures" (<---- CLICK THERE) and it was fun to look back on ... so I thought I'd do it again for 2009! Here it goes:

January was pretty quiet... here we are playing Settlers of Catan with our kitties on our laps!
In February, Sean went to South Korea, Japan and the Philippines. here he is with a guard on the North korean border. this guys job was to shoot you if you crossed the line.
Also in Febraury, Sean and I went to las Vegas... we had a sweet suite at the Venetian... here's Sean watching Sportscenter in the bathroom...
March I went on a ladies retreat. It was fun!
Also in March, we had South American food with Tommy and Shiny... anticuchos!
April we had another Easter with Matthew West and Jim Morris. We went to dinner after church on Saturday.
May Sean and I went to Monterey for the night. It was great!
June- I got to go home and see lots of family and friends, since my parents would soon move to Egypt. Here's me with some of my HS friends.
June, again... with Bro and Momma Suzie and Grandpa
June- we also celebrated our 5th anniversary! And of course, that means jewelry, ya know!
July was a BIG month for us! We signed our adoption papers to begin the adoption process for an infant boy from Ethiopia.
July- Mom and dad came to visit the week before Dad moved to Egypt. The drove the truck all the way out to us!
July- Kyle and Anne came to see us! We went to San Fran one day...
July- I FINALLY got a Big Fat POSITIVE! (or 3 BFPs)
August- First time we got to see our baby's heartbeat!
September- Sean went to Brazil... here he is smiling with a pirannah they caught and were about to eat
October- Fall Festival at church
October- went to see MJ's movie, THIS IS IT... RIP, Michael. *sniff sniff*
November- got to spend a long weekend with my nieces in AZ! Here's Emmalia...
November- and here is my newest niece, Kaira!!
November- we spent THanksgiving in Cincinnati, and made a visit up to THE Ohio State University!
December- Our first Christmas as a family of three!

May you have a happy and safe New Year's Eve!

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