Belly Shot!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I was at work late tonight, and feeling really pregnant today so I thought I'd take a picture and share. :-) Yesterday, I totally didn't feel or look pregnant at all. So I was happy when I woke up and my belly was tight. Luckily, these pants still fit though. :-) As I was driving home tonight, I cranked up some Garth Brooks and told Whitney about her 'roots'... how her mamma is just a country girl from Oklahoma who love Garth and Reba and would totally take her to Vegas to see Garth's new concert if I could travel. (We still plan on doing that this year... maybe! hopefully!) I told her how I love tornado season and the wide-open, hay-filled green fields that line I-44. I told her how much she would love stopping for donuts at QuikTrip every Sunday morning (and Tuesday afternoon, and Wednesday evening, and... well... anytime we were close to a QT!). I told her how much fun snow is and how cute she'd be all bundled up in a snow suit. I told her about the cows Gran and DeDad used to raise and how much fun I had as a little girl during calving season, naming every single new calf that was born. I told her how cute she'd look in little cowgirl boots and how I'm sure she'd love country music as much as I do. However, I also made sure to tell her that as much as I do love Oklahoma, the real "OSU" would always have to be THE Ohio State University and we never, ever say "Boomer Sooner" in our house. Or wear Texas orange. She was moving the whole drive home. And it was wonderful.

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2 Lovely Words

  1. This is an extremely awesome post! You are giving Whitney such a wonderful life. :)

  2. You look beautiful, Sheyenne!


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