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Friday, January 01, 2010

I was reading my blog from last New Year's Eve and I can truly say that almost everything I hoped and prayed for has come true in this year. Even in the bad times, I have been true to myself, my husband and my God. You can read the whole blog post HERE, but here's my favorite snippets... (Instead of resolutions (which I think are stupid), I did a "toast" to the New Year):

A Toast to....
- Realizing its really NOT about me
- Working for the greater good of the Kingdom
- Being the greatest support to my husband that anyone has ever known
A Toast to...
- Loving my husband more than I ever have before
- Being the woman God intends for me to be
- The journey to a family... who knows what lies ahead......
A Toast to...
- The challenges that lie ahead... I pray I will grow from them, not run from them....
- The unexpected joys that lie ahead... I pray I will recognize them and delight in them...
- The Truths God has in store for us... I'm ready to seek them out
A Toast to...
- The laughs... may I laugh til I cry
- The tears... and the promise of restoration

I don't really know what to toast to in 2010... but here are some things I am looking forward to...
- Meeting our daughter and holding her in our arms as long as we can
- Loving my husband more and more every day
- Visiting mom and dad in Egypt
- Going to see my nieces in Phoenix some time this year
- My 10 year high school reunion (oh my I'm old)
- More house projects... baseboards, built in bookcases
- Waiting on the Lord
Hope you have a wonderful 2010!

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