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Saturday, January 09, 2010

I've had a crazy hectic week at work, and will be working nearly all weekend getting ready for a class I'm teaching Monday. 9th grade. High school. PUBLIC high school. Topic? Sex ed. Excited? TOTALLY. Scared? Heck yes. It's been, oh... 3 years since I've taught a sex ed class AND I'm teaching a whole new curriculum. That I wrote. Yikes. Talk about pressure. Good (or bad) news is, most the kids won't care. I just hope they remember SOMETHING!

So, I have made myself take a mental break tonight. And for me that means perusing the web for cool stuff. So I thought I'd share. :-) You're welcome. :-)

Item numero uno: Organization Envy.
Is it possible to covet someone's organizational containers? Because I am loving Centsational Girl's post on filing. *sigh* Maybe some day I will have the time, money, energy, etc to organize all my paper junk half as good as she has! Click here to see the post!

Cool Thing Number Two: Neckalce Love
I LOVE this jewelry from The Vintage Pearl. She has some beautiful hand-stamped necklaces. I especially love the Cup Of Love Necklace... I want to get one with Whitney's name on it. :-) Click here to see her website.

Sweet Site Three: Wedded Bliss
Even after being married almost 6 years, I still love to dream up weddings. And while I wouldn't mind getting married over again, I would still TOTALLY choose the same MAN to be at the end of the aisle. Style Me Pretty has so many pretty inspiration boards from all kinds of different weddings. This is eye candy galore, even for those already living in wedded bliss! I have them in my Google Reader and every day, its like a little piece of pretty in my life. :-)

Glee-fully Great Go-To Four: Glee Girl Greatness
Sorry about the alliteration, all. I just love me some matchy-matchy letters every now and then. On to this GREAT Glee-inspired blog... "What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear?" Add it to your Reader. now. (And btw, if you're not using a Blog Reader, get with the program already! So much fun!) Think Anthropologie meets Marth Stewart with OCD. This is a GREAT fashion blog... LOVE IT. Kinda makes me want to dress up for work more. (kinda.)

If you DO use a Google Reader and are looking for more blogs to read (you can never have too many!), you can add me! I actually have a couple blogs going right now... what can I say? I am trying to keep my mind busy these days. So you can add these....

Sean & Shey in California (that's this blog)
Shey's 365 Project (one picture a day, every day for 365 days)
Our Blog About Babygirl Whitney (some double posts from this blog, but added ones from hubby... all about our journey with our baby)

Ok, hope you have fun for the next hour or so, perusing these websites. Happy Friday! Its back to STD stats, teen pregnancy rates and condom effectiveness for me tomorrow. Hope your weekend is equally exciting!

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3 Lovely Words

  1. Shey, I love keeping up with you on here. I also check on your girl and know you're in my thoughts and prayers. Plus your 365 project is fab.
    You should check out my blog if you ever have the time. I started one to write about my national tour!

  2. Oh my...that What Would Emma Pillsbury wear site is fabulous! Emma's wardrobe is one of my favorite things about Glee!

    I need to check out your photo blog. You always take great pics :)


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