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Sunday, March 11, 2012

I follow a great blog called Kelly's Korner.  She has a feature where each week she highlights a different group of people who can link up on her blog.  This week its ministry wives/women in ministry.  Hey! I fit that category!  So I'm linking up!

If you've found our blog through KK, welcome!  My husband is a youth minister at a non-denominational Christian church in Indiana, and I am a stay at home mom to a 10-month old little girl, Gianna.  We've been married 8 years and in the ministry for 10 years.  We are both grads of Ozark Christian College in Joplin, MO (where we met and fell in love, awwww!) and have a passion for seeing young people serve Christ and seek Him.  In addition to living in Missouri, we've lived in North Carolina and California... but we're planning to stay where we are now for a long time!

One of the greatest defining chapters of our life/marriage/ministry so far happened two years ago, when our first daughter Whitney was diagnosed with triploidy.  Triploidy is a fatal chromosomal condition that is incompatible with life.  Whitney was born at 31 weeks, when she went to Heaven.  You can read more about that season of our life and the impact that her short life still has on us today on her blog HERE.  (

For now, this blog is a mix of our daily lives, chronicling the growth of our daughter and other tidbits along the way.  Being the wife of a minister can be lonely.  We've been in great churches and we've been in not-so-great churches.  (For the record, the church we are at now is AWESOME!)  We've been extremely hurt by people in the church and we've seen how encouraging and amazing God's hands and feet of the Church can be, too.  I'd love to link up with other ministry wives, so if that's you, leave me a note!  I'm hoping to write more about some of our ministry experiences and how God has brought us to where we are at.  His faithfulness prevails and never ceases to amaze me. 

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5 Lovely Words

  1. Stopping by from Kelly's. You have a precious baby girl.

  2. Hey there! I found you on Kellys Korner! I have a blog but have not kept up with it much since our little boy was born in October! My day is filled with diapers and cuddles:) my husband is a youth minister in Ok...we have been here for 4 years...I completely understand the feelings of loneliness...more so now being a stay at home mom! How do you juggle loving on students and being mommy? I'm still struggling to find a balance! You can email me at

  3. Hey there! Stopping by from KK blog! Your little girl is precious! God Bless you and your family thru the ministry!! :)

  4. Thanks for the glimpse into your life. Stopping by from Kelly's. Nice to "meet" you.

  5. Hi! My hubby's an Associate/Youth pastor in Tennessee. I'm a Missouri girl too!


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