Conversations in a Church Bathroom

Monday, November 24, 2008

Some of the most telling conversations happen in the womens' restroom at church.  Like the one I walked into this evening at our thanksgiving dinner.  For sake of the conversation, I will call our church Tulsa Christian Church.  Here's how the conversation goes:

Me: (Walking into open stall number one.)

Stall 2: (Woman in stall 2 is reading the Women's Gathering Flyer posted in pink paper on the back of the stall 2 door.) Hm, let's see what going on in the women's ministry (unzip)... hmmmm.... (shuffle shuffle) What's this?  A Women's Gathering?

Stall 3: Yeah, I wonder what that is?

Stall 2: (Still reading said pink flyer) December Women's Gathering held at Church at Battle Creek.  Why are they having it Battle Creek? Is it some kind of inter-church type thing?

Stall 3: I don't know... where is that anyways?

Stall 2: Its over on Garnett... that's weird... why would they have our women's gathering at a different church?  Is it like they're trying to get us to work together?  I'm not going to go to it. (flush *swoosh* zip)

Stalle 3:  Yeah, I don't know.  I wonder why they'd want to do that.  Well, I'm not going to go either. (zip *swoosh*)

Hmmmm.  Churches working together.  Now THERE is a novel idea.

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1 Lovely Words

  1. this made me laugh... funny how that mentality is EVERYWHERE huh?!!! Gosh people, get out of your "country club" attitude towards your church family, and start acting like the "church" God called you to be instead... I sometimes wonder if in heaven there are different sections.. like the Baptist side, the Methodist side, the Non-denom side, etc. i wonder if everyone is going to be in their little cubicals.. ;) j/k


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