I Have The Stangest (But CUtest) Cats

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Apparently, my cats are part human. Not that I didn't suspect this already... their sensitivity to my emotions, near-intelligible ways of speaking, and their facial expressions had already tipped me off to this notion, but it has now been confirmed. I came home the other day to find my entire candy dish of candy corn knocked over, spilled everywhere. Upon closer inspection, it became clear that most of the candy corn on the ground had been eaten (and regurgitated). Gross, I know. But apparently, my cats love candy corn as much as I do. Another weird thing my cats seem to enjoy is Nan. (The Indian bread) I had several pieces wrapped in foil, and I was anticipating the deliciousness when I would eat my left-overs for lunch today.... but alas, my cats ate through the foil and snacked on the nan. I would've taken a pic of the candy corn, but I cant find my camera at the moment....

On another note.... we ordered my new Mac OS Adobe CS3.3 software this week~!!! And we will be getting our new computer this weekend!!!!! I'm so excited and cannot wait! The icing on the cake is the 2 weeks of vacation that we will be taking starting NEXT saturday, ginving me loads of time to play with it!! (And, my family and friends, of course!!) Its about80 degrees again in California, and I am just so ready to be back in the midwest. You.have.no.idea. :-)

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2 Lovely Words

  1. How cute!! I love our little kitten-- she's so funny!

    I'm doing great. The frowny face was for the election results. :) I've actually had a great week.

  2. hey! so excited you will be back in the mid-west. me on the other hand, i would love to be in califronia!! :)

    to answer your questions... i will be in Oklahoma for thanksgiving. we land the 24th and leave the 29th. you around those days? would be good to grab a coffee or something.

    and yes. i do mean good ole' fashion journal. like pen and paper. i carry it with me everywhere. its an old habit that refuses to die. it is annoying sometimes and my hand gets tired, but i dont think i could survive without it. i love my journal!


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