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Monday, November 03, 2008

We have had an absolutely amazing weekend. My wonderful husband planned what was supposed to be a surprise getaway, but, as I have a habit of doing, I ruined the surprise before it could become, well... a surprise! I was bummed Sean wasn't being enthusiastic about my halloween costume idea (Juno and Bleeker), so when I kept asking why he wasn't more excited about it, he blurted out "Because you and I aren't even going to be at the Fall Festival Friday! I got special permission to leave for the weekend and take you away to a Bed and Breakfast in Oakhurst!" **silence from me. oops.* *

But, that's what we did... we went up to Oakhurst, which is a cute little mountain town right outside of Yosemite National Park and stayed at this adorable little bed and breakfast! I got off work early (yay!) and we drove up, got there around 3:30. It was starting to get cloudy, and it was a little bit cool! There were trees that were changing colors to a golden-yellow~ they were beautiful mixed in with the evergreens and ferns everywhere. It was both of our first times at a B&B and it was so cute!! At first, I wasn't too sure about it... it was at the back of a couple's house. But the suite was so beautiful! It had a bathroom, a living room and a separate bedroom. We had the whole backyard to ourselves, complete with a fabulous swim spa. We had dinner in and watched movies and played games, and it was RAINING!!!! Like, actual rain you could hear on the roof! Saturday we slept in a bit and then Jody, the innkeeper brought us a delicious breakfast. We hung around while it POURED some more outside. Then, during a break in the storm we left and headed up to Yosemite! I'd never been there before. Silly me forgot my camera, but it was breathtakingly beautiful.

Most people around here don't like rain. However, its been mid February since we've gotten any and we were thrilled! It could not have been more perfect driving weather. We just went a little ways into the park... just up to see some big Sequoyas... I did manage to take a few pics with my cell phone, so here ya go....

This was the rain coming across the fields.... I was so happy all weekend!!! Storms make me smile. :-)

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  1. yay!! a new post and a great story!! so glad you guys got a weekend away. ia m planning one for my husband as we speak!! but i cant keep surprises so i will probably ruin it and end up telling him what it is! :) glad you had a good time, sometimes those little breaks are needed!


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