Its finally over!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

I am so glad that this election was over. The end was inevitable, but I am ready get on with life because, well... life goes on. :-) Its kind of a relieft to not have a republican in office for the simple fact that now, we won't be the ones the liberals are bitching and moaning about. They only have themselves to blame from here on out. Obama wanted to inherit a recession and two wars, and he did. Now if he can get us out of it, I'll be glad. I'm just hoping and praying that those things keep him so busy he won't have time to meddle with and pass the Freedom Of Choice Act. Of course, this is what Obama promised would be his "first act as president." Despicable. But I'm done worrying over it. God wins in the end, right? :-)

In California news, I was very surprised that Prop 8 passed and Prop 4 didnt. Prop 8 constitutionally bans gay marriage, while Prop 4 requires that a minor's parent(s) are notified before an abortion. Personally, I could care less about gay marriage.... its going to happen one of these days. But a teenage girl cannot go tanning, buy cold medicine or open a bank account without a parents consent, but she can have an abortion?! Where is the sense in that. The proposition didn't even require consent... merely notification. I was really shocked at the margin by which that proposition was shut out. Oh, well... that's California for you! I know things in this world are going to get worse before they get better, but honestly, I'm just not ready to watch that start happening. It hurts and saddens me. I'm seeing more and more the people in my own backyard who need Jesus..... so there's my thoughts and hopefully the last I"ll speak of it for a while!

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