I Love Fall.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I love Fall. It is my all-time favorite season EVER. I love everything about Fall... the smell in the air when night starts to fall sooner in the day... the briskness in my step when the air gets cooler... the crunch of freshly fallen leaves... the rich hues of amber, gold, red and deep burgundy that show up everywhere from the tree tops to store shelves... the smell of Spiced Pumpkin goodness in candles, sprays, and everything else.... I. Love. Fall.

Unfortunately, Fall in California is prety much like the ugly step-child of the seasons. Its forgotten. Neglected. Glanced over. Swept by. Hurriedly pushed aside for Winter. While my Okie friends are enjoying evenings in the 40s and 50s already, we're still cranking away our A/C just to keep the house a 'comfortable' 81 degrees at night. Even Fall in North Carolina was brilliant... the summers were hot, but the Fall came early... and where we lived you could drive and see all kinds of harvest taking place. It was so beautiful. I like the idea of Fall because its the time of year when the fruits of your labor are realized... the harvest... bringing in that which you have planted and nurtured and fed through the hot months, the long summers.... And then after the harvest, a time to start new... to till the ground, refresh the soil. Yes, I love Fall.

Sure, out here we have palm trees and beaches, but lets face it... one can only handle so much sand between your toes before it starts to get old and you start to long for the comforts of the season you've always known, loved and looked forward to. *sigh* Pity party for myself? Maybe. I'll get over it, but for right now, I'm really missing Fall and wishing I were at home in Tulsa... with the windows open and my Yankee Candles lit... decorating my house with leaves and pumpkins and golds and reds. :-/

Here's some pics I took last harvest season in NC. It was so beautiful...

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  1. I also love fall. I think it is funny that you miss the way fall is here, because I think it is nothing compared to fall up north. The only place I want to be from Sept-Nov is northern IL/WI. It's perfect.

    I love you pics of NC in the fall. It looks absolutely gorgeous.


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