8 weeks!

Friday, July 01, 2011

I cannot believe it has been 8 weeks already! Almost two months old! We are so madly in love with Gia. Just the past couple of days she has been cooing and "talking" up a storm! It is so fun to hear her sweet voice in something other than a cry. My mom and dad came to see us this past week. Gia got to meet her Papa Sam (my dad) for the first time! They have to go back to Egypt on Friday, so I am so glad we got to see them. They drove in from Chicago after seeing my brother, and met us in Danville, our new home. We had to be there to sign the lease for new place we're leasing, so it was fun to be able to show them where we were going to live. We stayed the night there and headed up to Cincinnati for a "staycation" the rest of the week. We stayed with them in a hotel and had a great time. We went to the Natural History Museum and saw the Cleopatra Exhibit as well as the Omnimax movie, "Tornado Alley." Mom and I also got pedicures while the boys watched Gia. It was a great week... I'm really sad they had to leave. We will get to see them again in November for Thanksgiving. I can only imagine how big Gia will be then!! My mom picked out this week's fabric!

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