Just Because It Thursday

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Obsessing … the fun of buying fabric more than making stuff with it. Gia sleeping at night. The softness of my guest bed. that its March already.
Working … major bleach-out in the bathroom. keeping the kitchen picked up. working on routine.
Thinking … about all the things I have no time to do: taxes, insurance claim, drivers license. About Gia's first birthday party. I wish my parents lived closer.
Anticipating … the end of breastfeeding. Spring. Summer. taking Gia to the pool. getting my hair cut. a weekend with my hubby.
Reading … Angie Smith's What Women Fear. and AFAR magazine. Entertainment Weekly & People. Vogue.
Listening … mix CD from college: Caedman's Call, Save the Last Dance soundtrack and JaRule. 
Eating … lots of rainbow chip icing. La Ra Mexican. yummy sandwiched hubby made.
Wishing … it were just about 15 degrees warmer outside today.
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