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Friday, October 21, 2011

I have so many posts in draft, I completely forgot to finish this one! It seems like a lot has taken place this week... On Saturday, I went to a garage sale and found the EXACT exersaucer that I have been wanting to buy for Gia. Online it is $90- no way am I paying that! I stole bought it for $22 (along with a dress, GAP hoodie and red shoes for Gia). Woo hoo! She loves to play in it, but is still just a little too short... so I put a pillow under her feet and it works great. Also on Saturday, my mom came to visit!! (She bought Gia's fabric this week, too! Thanks, Nana!) We've had such a great time with her here! I am sad to see her leave tomorrow... but we will get to see her again over Thanksgiving!

Also this week, in major milestones of note, Gia tried rice cereal for the first time!! She has been eyeing our food and grabbing for our yogurt cups for a couple of weeks now. She's very aware of when we are eating. I wanted to wait until she was really ready for solids, and this was the week! From the very first bite, she was a pro!! What an awesome babe! She is still waking up a lot at night-- almost every two hours! At almost 6 months old, that's too much! So I'm hoping this extra food will help her sleep longer. She didn't even wake that much as a newborn! I don't mind getting up at night, but I am noticing that I'm really sleepy during the day. Here are some of this week's fun outtakes. Hope you enjoy!

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