5 Months!

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Length: 25 inches, maybe 26
Weight: 12 pounds 13 ounces at the doctor's office last monday... so we may be tipping the scale at 13 pounds this week!
Clothing Size: she can wear a mix of 0-3 and 3-6 month clothing, though most of her oneseis that she's wearing are 3-6. And all of her sleepers are now 3-6. I cleaned out her closet of the summery clothes and changed them out for some warmer wear. So fun!
Fave Toy: She is all about her Sophie giraffe these days... it probably feels super good on her poor teething gums.
Fave Outfit: I've been putting her in dresses for Sunday, and they are so cute! Last week she wore an adorable flowered fleece dress from Old Navy with cute little baby tights. SO CUTE! I love having a girl!
New Moves: We're trying to work on sitting up, but she still topples over. For now she seems to be content using her inchworm moves to get around. Its so cute!
Teething: None have popped through but I'm hoping we're close.
Eating: She is still exclusively breastfeeding. But I think she is getting more interested in eating people food. We were at Orange Leaf a few nights ago, and she kept screaming and grabbing for my yogurt cup!
Sleeping: As I type, she is babbling and squealing in her crib when she should be napping. Nights are kind of hit and miss... I never know what to expect. She's started waking up about an hour after I put her to bed... not sure what that's about.
Talking: Her voice is back!! While we were at the cabin a few weeks ago, she just started babbling again. I love it! She squeals with delight and is generally happy all the time! I read somewhere that 6 months is the start of the "happy period" for babies... I can't wait!
Fave Pic: Of course its hard to pick just one, but here's a cutie!

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